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Product Care

Cleansing your Crystals

Cleansing your crystals is important as crystals often travel a long distances and are handled between various sources. Each source exposes the stone to energies- and of course we want only the good ones right? When used in healing, stones are said to be able to absorb or dispel the negativity you're working to release. By cleansing and recharging your crystals is the only way we can restore your stones to it's natural state and do fully serve its purpose.⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Ways to cleanse your crystals at home:⁠ ⁠

1. Running water⁠

✔️ Hard stones eg. quartz⁠
❌ Brittle stones eg. selenite, kyanite ⁠
❗ All suitable crystals are washed under running water when I first receive them.⁠ ⁠


2. Sunlight or Moonlight⁠

Return your crystals to nature by allowing it to bathe in sun or moon light for at least 4 hours.⁠

✔️ Most tumbled stones⁠
❌ Vibrant stones. eg, Amethyst; Soft stones eg. celestite, selenite⁠
❗ Some of the stones (especially the bigger ones) get to go out every full moon; most of the suitable crystals are out in the sun before or after photography.⁠ ⁠

3. Smoke it out⁠

Smudging your crystals is said to clear inharmonious vibrations and restore its natural energy. Sage, Frankincense and Palo Santo also makes your home smell great.⁠

✔️ All stones⁠
❗ Your crystals get smudged with natural herbs, palo santo and white sage when I sage my house. Handmade smudge sticks with sage or palo santo are available at TCP.


4. Other Crystals⁠

Large quartz clusters, amethyst geodes and selenite slabs are great stones to recharge your smaller stones or jewellery. I tend to place my smaller crystals/ or jewellery in my two large amethys geodes or just display all my bracelets and necklaces on my clear quartz. Carnelian, clear quartz and hematite are also also said to have an overall clearing effect.⁠

✔️ All stones⁠ ⁠


4. Sound⁠

Chanting, singing bowls, tuning fork or a nice bell are great sound healing tools. Sound healing allow a single pitch or tone to wash over an area, bringing it into the same vibration as the tone.⁠

✔️ All stones⁠

❗ I play my tibetan singing bowls on the daily. All individual orders are placed in the tibetan singing bowls and get cleansed with the sound frequency. I use higher pitch bowls to uplift and cleanse your crystals before sending them your way.

If you get a chance to visit me at the market, you will get a chance to play the singing bowl before taking your purchase home <3


Caring for your Jewellery

  • Remove jewellery before stepping into the shower & rings before washing your hands.
  • Apply lotions and perfume before putting your jewellery on.
  • Avoid swimming with your jewellery on
  • Be careful to avoid tugging
  • Remove jewellery when sleeping
  • When not in use, store jewellery in cool, dry place in a box or pouch that comes with the pieces 

It is essential for you to follow care instructions that comes with every order to ensure the longevity of your jewellery. Coating on the chains can wear off and tarnishing may occur naturally overtime.


Candle Care

To ensure maximum burn time and maximum fragrance, please follow the candle care instructions as follow:

- When lighting your candle for the first time, allow the wax to melt all the way till it reaches the edges of your jar. This will ensure an even can clean burn.

- Always trim your wick back to ~5mm before burning to prevent soot collection.

- Do not leave your candle burning for longer than 3 hours. 

- TCP recommends for you to remove the crystals when they are slightly loose from melted wax during initial burning. When left on the melting wax, the weight of crystals can cause the wax to sink and overflow.

- When candle is finished burning, wash out leftover with hot water and detergent. Reuse or Recycle glass jar.


Smudge Sticks burning Instructions:

Steps to smudging:
1) Light the smudgestick with a flame
2) Blow the flame out and use smoke to cleanse objects, people and environment.
3) Extinguish by putting it out in an abalone shell or ceramic bowl. Do not use water to put the flames out.